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          Helping Your Industry Communicate

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          Public Relations

          Our Public Relations team work closely with industry publications, journalists, reporters, and producers to create effective media exposure.

          These established relationships allow our team to secure news coverage more efficiently, and generate buzz.

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          Advertising and Design

          Our Marketing team at Bernard & Company provide clientele with a modern perspective on their industry that is constantly evolving, delivering unsurpassed results by utilizing all branches of the marketing umbrella and developing a strategic content marketing plan that aligns with your business goal.

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          Social Media Management

          We develop strong and integrated social media strategies for our clients in many industries. We help our clients unite their brands with social media buzz, creating meaningful connections with their desired audiences.

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          – Automotive
          – Aerospace
          – Metalworking
          – Advance Materials
          – Chemical Coating
          – Heat Processing
          – Plastics
          – Rubber and TPE
          – Industrial Control

          – Plantwide Communications
          – Metrology
          – Weights and Measurement
          – Power Tools and Factory Automation
          – Consulting Engineering
          – Fastening and Joining Technologies

          and more…including YOURS!

          You need to know the competition, the buying mechanics, the reading habits, the tactical manufacturing strategies and the global influences. We can help.

          You need help with your direct sales force or your reps or your distributors, to support them in the field with the best materials and resources to sell. We can help.

          You need a blast email campaign, trade show shoutout, contest engagement to support a new product or service.?We can help.

          You need a new booth, a hook to better attract attention at show with 1200 exhibitors fighting for attention or a special event to thank customers. We can help.??

          You need to find out what tangible benefit your marcom dollars have netted your company. We can help.

          Why? Because we do all these things, every day for our clients!
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          Recent News

          Guill Launches 10-Day Extrusion Tooling Program

          January 10, 2020

          Guill Tool & Engineering, a global manufacturer of extrusion crossheads,

          Exact Metrology Helps Sculptor Create Life-Size Statues of First Responders

          January 8, 2020

          Cincinnati native Tom Tsuchiya is a well-known artist whose previous

          Dairy Farm in Idaho Finds Success with Centrisys Dewatering Centrifuge

          January 2, 2020

          Bettencourt Dairy in Wendell, Idaho houses over 13,000 Jersey dairy

          Exact Metrology Plans to Exhibit at SHOT Show

          December 30, 2019

          The 42nd annual SHOT Show will take place between January

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